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We give 35 $ each ❗

Publication date: 26.08.2020 17:14

As you already know, we recently added providers such as NetEnt and WazDan, and we can not just ignore it, we are launching a number of promotions that will be held every week!, once a week we will add 2 new providers, and on the same day will be published the most profitable bonus promotions in which everyone will win !, Follow the news on the site superomatic and in social networks VKFacebookTwitter . 
Online holds a mind-blowing promotion in honor of adding new providers such as NetEnt and WazDan, Take part in an amazing promotion in which every player will win! Superomatic gives you from 10$ to 35$ rubles to your account with the next Deposit of 10$! 

To get a win, you just need to choose a plan that suits you and meet the conditions for getting it!

To participate, you just need to make any Deposit on one of the three bonus options, then contact the online chat.

For the first Deposit of 10$, we give you 13$ as a gift. this will help you increase your chances of winning big!. 

Deposit amount: 10.00 $
Bonus for the Deposit amount: 13.00 $
Wager: x 45. 
Maximum bonus withdrawal 265.00$

For any Deposit in the amount of 14$ or 18$ as a gift !. You will not receive bonus credits, but real money to your account. 

Deposit amount: 14.00 $
Bonus for the Deposit amount: 18.00 $
Wager: x 44. 
Maximum bonus withdrawal 530.00$


For any Deposit in the amount of 26$ rubles and 35$ as a gift !. This will more than 2X increase your chances to win the global jackpot! 

Deposit amount: 26.00 $
Bonus for the Deposit amount: 35.00 $
Wager: x 47. 
Maximum bonus withdrawal 1 600.00$

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